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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

Marketing materials for the Riverton Business Accelerator include a number of different advertisements. The primary information piece is the organization brochure, which details the benefits of taking part in the business training course, what the course covers, and post-graduate services. This is a client-focused brochure which must be printed inexpensively, yet in full-color. These will be given to prospects who don't have access to the Internet in their home. Those with Internet access will be directed to visit the RBA website to peruse the same material there. This will help lower cost of materials and still provide the same information.

Other materials containing the new branding include:

  • Staff business cards
  • Client social networking site
  • Letterhead and envelopes
  • Staff name tags for events and classes
  • Advertising
  • Signage for office location
  • Client monthly newsletter
  • Donor appeal letters
  • Donor quarterly newsletter
  • Annual report

Testimonials - both written and video - from clients and graduates are important to build the credibility of the website and brochure. These will be sought out from each graduate in a five minute video interview upon the completion of the course, and then from targeted clients at later dates. The office will have a tripod and basic video camera for this purpose and will not employ a videographer, to keep costs down.

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