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The Riverton Business Accelerator allows the organization to look ahead to the next three years to see how it will take its initial success and transform it into a sustainable organization with earned revenue providing a significant part of its budget. By reaching more and more potential clients, RBA will keep its courses in demand, allow the staff to be selective in the choice of clients, and warrant the course fees charged. The marketing plan will give the staff the direction and specific goals needed to focus their work activities on a day-to-day basis.

1.1 Goals

Personal goals for the Executive Director include:

  • 50 speaking engagements in Year 3
  • Earn Riverton Business Excellence Award (nonprofit division)

Business goals include:

  • 3,000 individuals completing core course in three years
  • Annual earned revenue exceeding $450,000 in Year 3

Tactical goals include:

  • 100 PR mentions in Year 3
  • 1,200 testimonials recorded in Year 3

Strategic goals include:

  • 1,500 businesses launched by clients in three years
  • 500 full-time jobs created in three years
  • 3 store fronts opened in three years

1.2 Purpose

The Riverton Business Accelerator helps convert the creativity and passion of prospective microentrepreneurs into sustainable businesses. With business training and ongoing support, these individuals can soon be supplementing their income and even supporting themselves full-time in their new businesses. In the end the RBA hopes to bring economic revitalization to Riverton by helping to reduce poverty and unemployment in the town.

1.3 Picture

The typical Riverton Business Accelerator client has only a basic concept of how he can create a workable business. He works long hours for little more than minimum wage and does not see many opportunities to better himself because he did not finish high school. At the RBA business training course, he is surrounded by other supportive members of his community, who share the drive to achieve financial independence and exercise their creativity in a way that they cannot do at their day jobs. The business trainer gives practical how-to information to the class as well as a sense of empowerment by showing the students how small businesses are started every day across the country. The client graduates knowing that RBA is there for him as a resource as he moves forward with his business launch.

1.4 Gap Dashboard

The gap dashboard quantifies the personal, business, tactical, and strategic goals of the Riverton Business Accelerator and condenses them in a format easily understood by internal sources. This report will be given to the Executive Director on a monthly basis and the business and strategic results will be shown to donors and other stakeholders.

The Executive Director will become involved when there are gaps between projected and actual results. This may involve strategic overhauls of the communications system, a change in the Director of Communications, or simply more time spent by the Executive Director on the area of marketing and communications.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Speaking engagements 30 40 50
Riverton Business Excellence Award earned 0 0 1
Individuals completing core course 810 1,000 1,200
Revenue $222,500 $339,000 $482,000
PR mentions 52 84 100
Testimonials 900 900 1,000
Businesses launched 200 600 700
Full-time jobs created 120 160 220
Storefronts opened 1 2 2

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