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The Riverton Business Accelerator offers the following services to encourage and sustain its constituents:

For suspects (potential clients who are in the market niche/underserved population):

  • Free monthly newsletter with business tips for microentrepreneurs and aspiring microentrepreneurs (mail and email versions)
  • Orientation to the business training course with an overview of the course and guidance on creating the best possible application.

For prospects (those who express interest in RBA):

  • The business training course - a 10-week course meeting once per week, held three times per year - September - November, January - March, and April - June.

For clients (business training course graduates):

  • Year-round business coaching and mentorship
  • Access to RBA business networking website and events
  • Loan preparation services
  • Small group business support
  • Access to market initiatives
  • Biannual business expos
  • Opportunities for collective bargaining with vendors

For premium clients (those who have moved to work full-time on their business):

  • Small group business support with other premium clients
  • Featured advertising and locations at biannual business expos

5.1 Price Rationale

The business training course is priced at $100, $50 of which is a deposit returned upon successful completion of the class. The purpose of this pricing is both to defray the cost of offering the service and to make sure the clients have "skin in the game." For many of these clients, $100 is a stretch to come up with. However, it is important to the Riverton Business Accelerator to know that the clients have a financial as well as time investment, and also an incentive to see the class through to the end.

This price is higher than free business coaching sessions, but it is also more in-depth and systematic than what these services can offer. It is significantly lower than community college business training courses, yet offers the same basic curriculum as an introductory entrepreneurship course.

Client services are available for graduates for a $150 annual fee. There is an additional $100 space rental cost for the business expo. All of these prices serve the same purpose - to defray costs and to make sure the clients continue to have a financial stake in the services offered.

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