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The Riverton Business Accelerator is a nonprofit organization which goes beyond the small business help a microentrepreneur would receive from a free business consulting program like SCORE, the local Small Business Development Center, or online classes or resources. Through in-depth training with a seasoned business professional and the development of a network within their class and with other RBA alumni, Riverton clients stand a better chance at launching their endeavor, supplementing their income, and even moving to work full-time on their new business. Rather than focusing on those with the best chances of success in entrepreneurship as decided through traditional methods (good connections, good education, high amount of capital), the RBA chooses clients who do not have these characteristics in their favor, yet have the drive and creativity to make microentrepreneurship work for them.

3.1 Differentiators

RBA stands out both because of the specific market niche it chooses and the unique services it offers for community members in that market niche.

The market niche it serves is an underserved population which lacks the basic prerequisites which other small-business training and mentoring services believe necessary. RBA clients do NOT have to start out with:

  • A cohesive business idea
  • Finished secondary or postsecondary education
  • Capital
  • Connections in the business world

RBA clients do need to be members of an underserved population and demonstrate their creativity and drive.

RBA offers a systematized, group training approach to launch a small business, rather than an approach directly tailored to the individual. The purpose of this is to take the aspiring entrepreneur through a process that has been shown to work and teach them the business fundamentals they lack. Beyond that training, the relationship with RBA does not end at a specific point, as ongoing mentorship services and networking increase the RBA client's connection with the organization, rather than setting a specific endpoint to each engagement. The network effect of helping the microentrepreneurs teach each other, share resources and contacts, and negotiate with vendors collectively is something that is not achieved with other entrepreneur training and mentoring services.

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