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Quality assurance and listening to clients are important to maintaining a consistently successful service experience for clients. Riverton Business Accelerator goes beyond the expectations it sets through its website and brochure by bringing in seasoned business professionals to speak at programs. Loyalty is encouraged primarily through the wide range of post-graduate services only available to clients who continue to pay an annual fee after the basic business training course.

10.1 Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Client loyalty is encouraged through the post-graduate services which can significantly further client businesses.The collective experience of these graduates of the business course is put to use through small support groups, consisting of graduates, and facilitated by Riverton Business Accelerator staff. These support groups are good opportunities for idea sharing and mutual support between business owners with non-competing businesses. This peer-to-peer support is much less expensive for Riverton Business Accelerator to administer (a staff member must be present, but does not need to prepare curriculum or any material) and also reduces the burden on other post-graduate services, such as coaching sessions.

Clients who continue to stick with Riverton Business Accelerator even after they have moved to full-time jobs in their new business are rewarded through featured locations at the business expo, at no additional cost, and by being able to join small groups with other business owners at the same stage.

10.2 WOW Process

Riverton Business Accelerator will solicit clients for feedback halfway through the business training course, record video testimonials on its conclusion, and conduct biannual surveys to all post-graduates to rate their satisfaction, remind them about the benefits of providing referrals, and get suggestions on how to improve RBA services. These results will be analyzed through survey software, and a report will be sent to the Executive Director on the programs that are being offered and the satisfaction of clients. The interests and suggestions of the clients are taken into account when the programs are reviewed and revised annually by the Director of Programs and the Executive Director.

Staff performance reviews are given twice a year. Trainers are also evaluated by their students, and the results of these confidential surveys are reviewed by the Director of Programs after the end of each course. Within the run of a course, any problems with the trainer can be reported directly to the Director of Programs. This insures that any egregious problems are dealt with right away, and students are encouraged to report any problems during the course.

To truly wow customers, the business training courses, networking events, and other sponsored events will periodically feature guest business professionals from successful area businesses. These professionals are chosen for their speaking ability as well as for their business success.

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