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The RBA website serves a number of purposes:

  • Establish the credibility and success of RBA to donors
  • Court new clients
  • Provide services to existing clients
  • Inform the general public about RBA services and client businesses
  • Give press material for stories about RBA

The website includes the following pages:

  • Home landing page, with the latest news
  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Founders' Story
  • Board list and bios
  • Staff list and bios
  • Key volunteers
  • The Need (donors) - description of the need for this service in Riverton
  • The Benefits (donors) - description of how microentrepreneur training and support serves this need
  • Objectives and Outcomes (donors) - detailing past measurements of success and future objectives
  • Supporters (donors) - Listing of supporting organizations and individual donors (other than anonymous)
  • Business Training Course - detailed description of the business training course
  • Post-graduate services - with subpage for each service, including images where applicable
  • Schedule of upcoming deadlines and events
  • Entrepreneur profiles and testimonials - from select clients
  • Business directory - Of all client businesses
  • Donate - page detailing how to donate
  • Volunteer - page detailing volunteer opportunities
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Current and archived news (including links to appearances in the press)
  • Upcoming and archived events
  • Press releases
  • Media kit download
  • Contact Us

The organization's communications associate is tasked with the day-to-day updating of the website's resources.

7.1 Social Media Plan

A business networking site for graduates uses LinkedIn as a jumping off point to allow for discussion forums, posting of calls for help or advice, sharing of resources, and more. Staff takes part in this networking site to facilitate, answer questions where possible, and help make connections between the graduates. Material from the monthly newsletters will be reposted on this site to provide additional ideas to the graduates.

This business networking must happen offline as well. Networking events will be planned on at least a quarterly basis and will feature presentations by area business leaders with wisdom to share.

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