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Advocates for Legal Equal Access' marketing strategy will be based on marketing themselves to different law firms as well as to different corporations. The law firms will be targeted for cash donations as well donations of attorney's time. The corporations will be targeted for fiscal donations.

Al will use his marketing skills learned in his MBA studies to market the Advocates as an organization that offers public interest support for the greater Burlington community. Approximately 40% of Al's time will be spent fund-raising/marketing. A lot of this time will be spent traveling around and meeting with the different leaders of the companies and convincing them that Advocates is a well-run organization, deserving of the company's support. Because Al comes from ten years of law practice in a well respected firm, he generates a lot of legitimacy or visibility in the Burlington community.

For corporations or law firms that are donating time or money to Advocates, they are reassured that they will gain from their donation because of the visibility that they will get from their donation, and the positive feeling of their financial civic virtue.

The attorneys who are sought will be convinced to donate their time because Advocates are a particularly efficient organization and the time donation to Advocates will be of greater value (meaning more people will be served) than the same time donation to another cause.


Advocates for Legal Equal Access' mission is to provide the Burlington indigent community with legal services for civil rights issues.  Advocates for Legal Equal Access exists to eliminate the current iniquities that too many people face when forced to access the American legal system.  Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Marketing Objectives

  • Generate visibility within the Burlington corporate and legal community of Advocates for Legal Equal Access.
  • Increase the amount of corporate fiscal donations by 10% per quarter.
  • Increase the amount of labor donations by 15% per year.

Financial Objectives

  • Generate enough funds to be able to bring on board additional legal professionals.
  • Decrease the costs associated with serving an individual client, allowing Advocates to serve more people.
  • Maintain positive cash flow.

Target Markets

Advocates for Legal Equal Access will target the population segments by developing relationships with the other legal aid organizations. By developing a relationship with these organizations, these organizations can refer people to Advocates when they are unable to serve.

Advocates will also target these people by developing awareness of their organization with different courts in the city so that the court is aware of Advocates and can refer the people to them.

As long as the proper agencies and organizations are aware of Advocates, then it will not be difficult to get clients as the legal aid sector has demand that outstrips supply.


Advocates for Legal Equal Access will position themselves as an efficient, professional, public interest law firm that is serving Burlington's community. Advocates will leverage their competitive edges to achieve this positioning.  These competitive edges are:

  • Advocates for Legal Equal Access' competitive edge is their effectiveness as fund-raisers. The legal aid market is always in demand as there are far more customers as there are service providers. For this reason it is important to be able to fund your organization. The Advocates founder Al Rand has developed an extensive network of colleagues after practicing for ten years at a large Burlington law firm. Al will be able to use his network to develop donations from the firms and their individual members.
  • Another component of the Advocates' competitive edge is Al's marketing skills. These will be used to set up programs with the large firms to give their attorney's credit toward pro bono requirements as well as to their yearly hourly requirements, encouraging more donations of time from the attorneys.

Strategy Pyramid

The single objective is to position Advocates as the premier public interest law firm.  The marketing strategy will first seek to create customer and city awareness regarding the services offered, develop the customer and donation base, and work toward building relationships with corporate donors.

The message that Advocates will seek to communicate is that it can provide professional, efficient, public interest legal aid to community members that otherwise could not afford access to the legal system to assert their rights.  This message will be communicated through a variety of ways.  The first method will be meeting with the leaders of different companies and encouraging them to make contributions to Advocates.  Al will suggest that these contributions are helpful, not only for the civic virtue aspect of supporting a public interest organization that provides much needed legal aid services, but also helpful for the company itself as Al will leverage his marketing skills to develop visibility for these companies as supporters of Advocates.  Advocates will have many different events used to raise money and visibility and Al will use these events to generate visibility for the supporting companies.  This will be done because Al recognizes the company's need for some sort of payback or value from their charitable donation beyond tax benefits.

Al will be projecting the message to attorneys to donate their time.  This will be done by leveraging both professional and law school contacts.  Al will also be in close contact with the public interest law student organization at the University of Vermont for a couple of reasons.  One reason is the ability to keep tabs on public interest attorneys that graduate from University and are practicing in the Burlington area.  Al will also leverage the student organization by offering internships where he can generate interest in young, soon-to-be attorneys for practicing public interest law as well as leverage the students skills for interns. 

Advocates will be an attractive organization to volunteer for because of the efficiencies that they have developed in serving clients.  These efficiencies allow the organization to maximize its labor for serving the greater good of the community.

Marketing Mix

The Advocate's marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.

  • Pricing: Advocates offers a sliding scale for payment based on the clients ability to pay.  Many  of the clients will end up not paying anything because of their income level.  The pricing scale is set to provide some, albeit small amount of revenue for the organization as well as reduce the incentive for some citizens to try to abuse the services offered by Advocates.
  • Distribution: Advocates are licensed to practice in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.  Most of the services will be distributed from their office except court appearances and other meetings that require the attorney to be present outside the office or courtroom.
  • Advertising and promotion: Advocates most successful advertising and promotion will be networking activities.
  • Customer service: Although some people believe that not-for-profit organizations do not have a "customer," Advocates have identified theory customers and will treat them as they are indispensable for the success of Advocates business.

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