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Willamette furniture is moving toward internal marketing control by establishing programs such as an in-house catalog publishing and distribution department, detailed customer service vehicles that will allow us to track the success of our marketing and sales, and further integration with established quality catalog vendors, such as Shaper Image.

Our target markets present great opportunities for company growth, as our niche is not at all saturated at this point. We will dominate the high-end office furniture market by stressing the quality in workmanship and materials of our product lines, keeping up with and integrating technological advances in the personal computing environment, and by increasing our market research and customer service in order to constantly satisfy our markets' needs.

The home office, small business owner, and corporate executive will greatly benefit from our quality products in terms of , comfort, and appreciation of the office environment. The key to reaching this market is to make them aware that our products are available. We do not need to convince them of anything but the assurance of quality in manufacturing and ergonomic design.

Value Proposition

Willamette Furniture Mfr. gives the discriminating personal computer user, who cares aboutdesign and quality furniture and quality of working environment, a combination of highestquality furniture and latest technology, at a relatively high price.

Critical Issues

The critical issues emerge from the SWOT analysis and review of the market:

  • The underlying paradox: How can we sell our high-end customers a packaged kit that requires assembly? Or do we need to find channels to offer delivery of assembled product?
  • Channels vs. Internet: Can we do both? Is there a channel conflict? Are we going to be able to manage our channels well enough to make money with them?

Financial Objectives

  1. To grow our sales more than three times over during a five-year period, from $450,000 in 2000 to $1.6 million in 2004.
  2. To significantly decrease our sales and marketing expenses as a percent of sales: from 34.5% this year to 26% by 2004.
  3. To increase contribution margin from 40% to 48% over five years.

Marketing Objectives

Our marketing strategy assumes that we need to go into specialty channels to address our target customer's needs. The tie-in with high-end quality catalogs like Sharper Image is perfect, because these catalogs cater to our kind of customers. We position as the highest quality, offering status and prestige levels of purchase.

Our presence on the World Wide Web will increase the availability of our products to the specific market segments that we wish to target. Because Willamette's product offerings concentrate on the integration of PC technologies, Web presence is a natural objective in reaching appropriate potential customers.

Finally, our movement into internal catalog publishing will provide Willamette's marketing managers with additional control over the content and recipients of our direct marketing. With experience gained through our inclusion in other high-end catalog merchants, and our managers' publishing experience, our internal catalogs will undoubtedly prove to generate great sales increases for Willamette Furniture.

Target Market Strategy

Our segment definition is of itself strategic. We are not intending to satisfy all users of office furniture intended for use with personal computers, but, rather, only those who are most demanding. We are definitely out to address the needs of the high-end buyer, who is willing to pay more for quality.

In our particular market, we also seek the buyer who appreciates two attributes: the quality of furniture workmanship and the excellence of design, with an understanding of technology and ergonomics built in.

  • Corporate executives: our market research indicates about 2.5 million potential customers who are managers in corporations of more than 100 employees. The target customer is going to be at a high executive level, in most cases, because the purchase price is relatively steep compared to standard office furniture.
  • Small business owners: our customer surveys indicate a strong market among the owners of businesses with fewer than 100 employees. There are 11 million such businesses in this country, most of them with concentrated ownership that makes the owners potential customers.
  • Home offices: the home office business has proliferated during the 1990s, and we also have home offices for people employed outside the home. This is a big market, some 36 million home offices, growing faster than other markets.

Strategy Pyramids

Our main strategy at Willamette Furniture is to position ourselves at the top of the quality scale, featuring our combination of superb technology and fine old-fashioned woodworking, for the buyer who wants the best quality regardless of price.

Tactics underneath that strategy include research and development related to new designs and new technology, choosing the right channels of distribution, and communicating our quality position to the market.

Programs are mainly those listed in the milestones table, including new design programs, new equipment to keep up with design, channel development, channel marketing programs, our direct sales, and our continued presence in high-end catalog channels and new presence in the web.

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