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The positioning goal for Orti's Organic Bakery is to be THE healthy, delicious, and environmentally-friendly choice for baked goods at Union Station in Wilder. By pursuing this goal, Orti's Organic Bakery intends to achieve the following measurable results:

  • Fill seats at an average of 90% capacity between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30 am, Monday through Friday by the end of the first year of operation
  • Serve an average of 300 customer orders per weekday by the end of the third year of operation
  • Hold prices at 15% higher than bakery chains, such as Panera and Au Bon Pain

4.1 Core Branding Elements

Core branding elements for Orti's Organic Bakery include the following:

  • Tagline "Your Breakfast Matters" (on menu, signs within the store, advertisements)
  • Light brown and orange color theme to approximate the color of pastries and orange juice (color of walls, tables, order counter)
  • Logo of a sunrise made of wheat (appears on main sign outside Orti's Organic Bakery, along with the name, on employee uniforms, on posted menu, and on advertisements)

These elements will be developed by the owner Orti's Organic Bakery with the help of a branding firm, in order to engage in detailed competitive research within the Union Station area and to best understand the associations which potential customers have with different branding options.

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