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Lead conversion begins the moment that customers walk within 50 feet of Orti's Organic Bakery. The open-front location in Union Station will allow the smells of fresh baked goods to waft into the surrounding area, encouraging prospects to enter. A free standing sign in front will announce specials of the day.

Upon entering, menus both behind the check-out counter and on the opposite wall will be visible to show the range of options, starting with the options targeted to on-the-go prospects at the top and full breakfast packages below. Most of the education of prospects must happen through the signage and decor, because a clerk will not always be able to greet each entering prospect during the busiest times at the bakery. Certainly, during less busy hours when a clerk is not serving a customer, he or she will greet each prospect.

Orti's Organic Bakery will attempt to capture customer information so they can be marketed to directly. This will be encouraged by requesting customers to drop off a business card for a weekly drawing with the winner receiving a "Care Package" basket of baked goods for their office. All business cards left at the counter will be scanned with a business card scanner on a nightly basis, and the winner chosen out of that group every Thursday evening. Clerks will ask each customer to drop off their card to participate in the drawing. An email will be sent to the winner telling them that they have won, and the basket will be delivered to the winning office. Through this method, Orti's Organic Bakery will develop a list for its customer newsletter and introduce our products to more prospects.

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