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Staff training includes both an initial orientation and training as well as ongoing continuing education segments.

Initial orientation will be run by the owner until customer service and kitchen operation managers are hired in the future. For one week, half of each day will be spent in training, and the other half shadowing the operations of Orti's Organic Bakery. Training will include:

  • Learning the entire Orti's Organic Bakery menu
  • Understanding Orti's Organic Bakery difference (what it means to be organic and the value of organic baking for nutrition and environment)
  • Orti's Organic Bakery core message and branding
  • Orti's Organic Bakery customer referral program
  • Orti's Organic Bakery business referral program
  • Orti's Organic Bakery Club rules and benefits
  • Orti's Organic Bakery website and online marketing
  • Service procedures specific to the employee's role (baker or clerk)

Ongoing workshops will be based on customer feedback and problem areas identified by mystery buyers, as well as additional elements of organic living, which will better educate employees to, in turn, educate customers. These ongoing workshops will be held once a month for two hours.

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