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Orti's Organic Bakery will build its customer base by offering the following products and services:

To suspects (individuals who live or work within five minutes of Union Station): Website and Facebook page offering selected Orti's Organic Bakery recipes for free. Delivery of "care packages" to nearby businesses, with free samples of freshly baked goods.

To prospects (potential customers who pass by Orti's Organic Bakery): $1.50 breakfast options - croissant, bagels, scones. Free standing sign in front of the bakery announcing specials of the day, discounted combination offers. Once a week, offering free samples to passers-by (employee will stand outside bakery with tray holding free samples).

To customers (customers who have previously purchased at least one order): $5 full breakfast options (such as egg on bagel, coffee, and fresh fruit/small fruit salad)

To loyal customers (customers who get breakfast at Orti's Organic Bakery at least once per week): Orti's Organic Bakery Club offers with loyalty card, such as free baked good with purchase of 5 baked goods, weekend giveaways, or free coffee with purchase of $5 or more.

By serving at all of these levels, Orti's Organic Bakery will provide the means for customers to learn about Orti's Organic Bakery and move up the ladder towards greater value to Orti's Organic Bakery (and a greater impact on their health and the environment, as our marketing promises).

5.1 Price Rationale

Orti's Organic Bakery intends to charge prices that are, on average, 15% higher than some national bakery chains like Panera and Au Bon Pain. This is necessitated by the smaller scale of the bakery and by the higher quality ingredients that it purchases. We believe customers will accept these higher prices because of the value they place on their health and the environment, which Orti's Organic Bakery reminds them of in all messaging. If the difference between non-organic and certified organic is only 15%, certain customers who value this difference will accept that extra expense and consider it the price of eating a healthier breakfast.

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