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Orti's Organic Bakery will encourage customer loyalty through the following means:

  • Providing convenient, delicious, nutritious baked goods
  • Offering consistently excellent customer serivce (the WOW Process)
  • Promoting Orti's Organic Bakery Club loyalty program for repeat customers
  • Finding new and interesting ways to reward Orti's Organic Bakery Club members with deals, discounts, and freebies, especially to those at the top of the pyramid who visit Orti's Organic Bakery the most regularly

10.1 Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Orti's Organic Bakery Club membership is offered via a sign at the checkout stating "Is eating our organic baked goods becoming a habit for you? Join Orti's Organic Bakery Club to earn rewards and discounts every time you visit. Membership is free!"

Clerks will reiterate this message, by being encouraged to recognize regular customers, and asking each customer if they are a member upon checkout and entering their membership into the computer if they would like. Joining Orti's Organic Bakery Club requires the customer to write their name and email address on a short form. They are given a membership card at that moment. Their name and email is entered into the computer during down-time or after hours if needed and associated with the membership number they were given.

Orti's Organic Bakery Club members are signed up to receive the e-newsletter automatically, and both the dollars they spend and the number of orders they make are tracked and associated with their account. Offers they may be given include:

  • Free baked good item with the purchase of five baked goods
  • Free items on weekends, after a certain threshold or consistency of purchases has been achieved
  • A 15% discount when purchasing more than $20 worth of items
  • Free coffee with purchase of $5 or more

The most loyal customers will be solicited to participate in surveys which attempt to discern what new items might be popular and how the service experience can be improved. These surveys will take place quarterly, and those whose suggestions are used will be rewarded with gift cards. Through this involvement, loyal customers will help to improve service, which should bring in additional customers on its own. They will also have something to tell their friends about and will be likely to tell others that Orti's Organic Bakery listened to their suggestions and gave them a gift for participating.

10.2 WOW Process

The WOW Process is the method by which Orti's Organic Bakery employees create a consistent and comfortable experience for customers. The Process includes:

  • Consistent training for each employee, including not only service procedures, but knowledge of Orti's Organic Bakery ingredients and baking processes, so that every employee can explain to customers the effect it has nutritionally and environmentally.
  • Standard and pleasant customer greetings for the clerk to address the next customer in line.
  • Allowances for clerks on duty to take initiative, even in the absence of a manager, to replace customer orders, offer substitutions, or offer refunds in the case that a customer is not satisfied with their order.
  • Paid mystery customers will periodically evaluate the clerk's adherence to procedures and ability to satisfy them, as well as the quality of the baked goods. Staff will know that these mystery customers will appear from time to time, but will not know when.
  • Standard recipes will be used in the bakery and extensive training of bakers will ensure consistency of the products.

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