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Orti's Organic Bakery website has the dual goal of encouraging visitors to sign up for Orti's Organic Bakery e-newsletter and to visit the physical store. Products cannot be purchased over the website, but a menu with images of all items will be included as well as promotional items such as t-shirts and baseball caps for sale.

The website's main pages will be:

  • Menu, including monthly specials
  • Location (including map) and hours
  • Contact information (with form for questions and comments), including links to follow Orti's on Twitter or be a fan on Facebook.
  • Jobs page with open positions at Orti's Organic Bakery
  • Business page with information on the business referral program
  • Archived newsletters with articles on organic baking topics and recipes

It is hoped that the growing content about organic baking will increase the website's visibility for related keywords. Those who link to the archived newsletter articles will also be encouraged to sign up for the twice monthly newsletter by giving their name and email address. The newsletter will include promotions to Orti's Organic Bakery as well as valuable information for prospects. After receiving enough promotions and understanding better how serious Orti's Organic Bakery is about organic baking, it is hoped that these prospects will make a point to visit the bakery when they are at Union Station.

7.1 Social Media Plan

A Facebook mirror page for Orti's Organic Bakery site will be another venue to promote the e-newsletter to those who sign up as fans. Facebook-only promotions will be offered from time to time to encourage fans to share the website with their friends. The Facebook page will have the same goal as the website: to encourage prospects to visit Orti's Organic Bakery in person. The Facebook page will have an additional goal of deepening the connection between existing customers and Orti's Organic Bakery by providing a means for them to interact with Orti's Organic Bakery beyond their visits to the store. For example, Orti's Organic Bakery customers will be encouraged to post discussion topics about organic baking and "living organic," and to post photos of themselves at Orti's Organic Bakery.

A Twitter account will also be utilized. Tweets will be sent out when fresh items are available, and will be used to encourage followers to tell their friends (for example: "Hot organic blueberry scones available now at Orti's. First to retweet gets a second scone free!").

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