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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

Prospects are considered to be individuals who have attended a seminar or requested the 10 page informational booklet. Seminar attendees will all be asked to leave their contact information in order to receive the 10 page informational booklet.

The 10 page booklet will include a postcard on its back cover which can be sent back to Plynthe Insurance with a request for specific information on certain insurance topics or types of insurance. Those who send in these cards will be called by a Plynthe Insurance agent to discuss insurance options. As a variety of products are offered, it is most important to get to a first phone conversation with prospects to determine their needs better. This way the agent can move towards presenting a quote that will meet their needs.

Prospects who do not move forward with speaking by phone at this point will continue to receive monthly postcards and email newsletters, each advertising the upcoming informational seminars. The monthly newsletter will also contain articles on industry changes customers should know about, important changes at Plynthe Insurance and in Peristyle Gardens, and a top 10 list (such as ten tips for choosing an insurance provider, ten tips when moving to a new home, ten tips for new parents-to-be, etc) which include practical information for prospects.

The agent will have initial phone conversations with clients and then meet them at their home or office for further discussion. He will bring his laptop computer with him to all sales calls to search for insurance options for clients, on the spot, whenever possible. He will bring the informational booklet which can be discussed with clients, or certain sections pointed out, during the discussion. It will be left with clients to review further after a sales call.

When a quote is sent to a client, a time will be set to speak with the client about the quote, to answer questions, and to talk through the key concerns the agent identified which the quote was meant to solve.

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