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The lead generation plan for Plynthe Insurance includes the following elements:

  1. Advertising in local media to the target market of new residents, new families, and homeowners.
  2. A systematic referral strategy implemented with each new customer.
  3. Relationships with commercial referral partners who work with the same target market in complementary industries.
  4. Direct mail campaign to prospects including postcards focused on pitching upcoming seminars, the informational booklet, and insurance services.
  5. Lead tracking with ACT! CRM database.


Media Tracking Kits Requested

  • Peristyle Gardens Parents magazine
  • Local pay-per-click advertising
  • Yellow Pages ad
  • Peristyle Gardens Herald (local paper)
  • Flyers at apartment buildings


Referrals are expected to be a primary source of growth for the business after the first year or two of operation. To achieve this, Plynthe Insurance will take the following steps:

  1. Letting clients know upon first meeting or talking to them that growing by referrals is a goal of the business. This is a time to let them know that customer satisfaction and a high level of personal service is extremely important for the business to achieve. This sets expectations that the business must follow through on, and encourages the customer to provide referrals if they are happy with Plynthe's service.
  2. Creating mailable, postage-paid consultation referral postcards - offers of a free consultation about a customer's insurance needs.
  3. Giving 5 of these postcards to customers after every 6 months along with a letter asking them to pass them on to other individuals and families they know who might need additional coverage. The letter will also offer customers the incentive that for every referral they bring to Plynthe Insurance who buys coverage, they will earn a $100 credit towards a renewal or coverage upgrade.
  4. Plynthe Insurance will seek to create relationships with referral partners who provide complementary services to Plynthe's target market: Accountants, real estate agents, apartment leasing agents/management companies, ob/gyn doctors. This will begin by offering seminars for their clients which can be of value to them and providing materials to the partners (10 page booklet, marketing kit, etc.) so that they are knowledgeable about Plynthe Insurance. When their current clients/tenants/patients use Plynthe Insurance, Kolem Plynthe will let the partners know so that they grow more comfortable with the idea of referring Plynthe Insurance to others.

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