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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

The target market will be reached through the following methods. Each will receive a phone call to qualify further (if possible) and a marketing kit either by email or mail:

  • Referrals from clients
  • Referrals from referral partners
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Local advertising
  • Online advertising

The marketing kit will consist of the following:

  • Case statement describing the difference a "personal touch" from an insurance agent can mean in the quality of service, assurance of client, and safety.
  • Difference summary of how this personal touch is achieved at Plynthe Insurance
  • Ideal client description in the form of a short story about the idea client moving to Peristyle Gardens (like description in this plan)
  • Client story of actual clients (this type of case study will be written after some clients have used Plynthe Insurance for at least 6 months. They will be asked if their information can be used with names changed at this point.)
  • Service Offerings (range of products and specific extra services provided by Plynthe Insurance)
  • Testimonials (again, these will be requested from satisfied clients at multiple points - immediately after signing on, after claims are handled, and after renewals. These will range from one sentence statements to short paragraphs and will be kept anonymous if requested).
  • Frequently asked questions (this will be a summarization of the 10 page informational booklet, providing key definitions and categories of coverage and who they are appropriate for)
  • Questions that should be asked (will include top 10 questions an individual should ask when choosing an agent)
  • Seminar schedule of upcoming informational seminars (updated every month) 

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