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Plynthe Insurance is a new business selling personal insurance to residents of Peristyle Gardens. However, it intends to execute its marketing in a systematic way to be sure that clients get a consistent, high quality experience and that they understand the expertise and knowledge within the business.

This marketing plan details how the business will focus and launch its marketing operations, track key numbers, generate and convert leads, and serve customers so that they renew AND refer additional customers.


Personal Goals for owner Kolem Plynthe:

  • Spend one hour on marketing work (8 am - 9 am) daily, as a minimum
  • Learn how to use blogs, create newsletters, plan seminars so that they are simple to recreate going forward

Business Goals:

  • Create a system of sales which is scalable (so associates can be brought on)
  • Achieve sales of over $300,000 in year 3.
  • Reduce cost of sales over time

Strategic Goals:

  • Create reputation for Plynthe Insurance as independent, individualized and high service
  • Achieve 90% renewal rate from year to year

Tactical Goals:

  • Total leads generated increase steadily
  • Generate leads from referrals


Plynthe Insurance exists to let residents of Peristyle Gardens finally feel the comfort and assurance of knowing that their family and property are secured by the proper type of insurance and that they can trust in the agent representing them.


The new customers are turning 30, expecting a first child, and moving to Peristyle Gardens. They think of insurance at first as a necessary evil, but are somewhat fearful of the process of comparing policies, looking for the best price, and making sure they are comparing apples to apples with their coverage.

When they come to Plynthe Insurance they immediately learn the basics of insurance in a personalized way, by hearing options for their specific situation. The clients are walked through a painless process of signing on and feel they can trust Plynthe Insurance because of its independence and the time agents are willing to spend to truly understand their needs. They are delighted when Plynthe Insurance sends a gift certificate upon the birth of their child and when they close on their home and move in. They come to think of their insurance agent as a partner in their safety and security and gladly share this information with their new friends and colleagues in Peristyle Gardens.

Gap Dashboard

The Gap Dashboard provides key metrics at a quick glance for Kolem Plynthe's management purposes. Each goal is translated into trackable numbers which are updated each week from the accounting or CRM systems. When significant gaps exist between the plan and actual results, these will be discussed at the weekly marketing meeting and a plan to rectify made.

Renewal rate will not be applicable in the first year as annual renewals will not begin until the second year of operation.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Hours spent on marketing 280 240 240
Hours required for educational materials (blog, newsletter, seminar, booklet) 170 120 120
Sales $151,300 $214,825 $305,725
Cost of Sales $24,208 $32,224 $45,859
Leads from marketing 3,232 1,589 2,270
Leads from referrals 463 695 1,042
PR Mentions 17 20 25
Renewal Rate 0% 85% 90%

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