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Customer loyalty is encouraged, both through seminars specifically aimed at strengthening relationships with current clients, and through quality assurance steps (called the WOW Process).

To directly encourage renewal, the following system is set up: Two months prior to renewal, clients will be specifically checked-in with and courted to encourage renewal. They will be asked again about changes in their situation to determine additional needs for insurance. This is also an opportunity for the agent to refer them to additional vendors or services, or provide other helpful information to the client.

Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Once a year, a special presentation/networking party will be held. Half of the participants will be loyal customers (those who have renewed at least once) and half will be prospects at the top of the list (those who have expressed serious interest or fit the ideal customer description very closely). After a presentation by Kolem Plynthe on an industry issue relevant to these customers, there will be a social portion of the event with appetizers served where the attendees can meet each other. Both the social portion and the informational portion of the event will be seen as of value to the attendees. Kolem Plynthe will gather information from the attendees by asking questions during the presentation, and he and other associates will mingle with attendees during the social portion. The event should have a minimum of twenty and a maximum of fifty attendees.

The goal of these events is both to strengthen the bond between current customers and Plynthe Insurance and to move towards closing deals with prospects.

WOW Process

The WOW Process for Plynthe Insurance will include the following quality assurance steps:

  1. Send satisfaction survey by email to clients one week after signing on, asking about the process of starting up.
  2. Send satisfaction survey to clients after each renewal.
  3. Survey results tabulated in database from survey provider and report reviewed by Kolem Plynthe with attention to individual problems as well as general results.
  4. Individual problems probed further to understand how Plynthe Insurance failed (either in setting expectations or in delivery) and clients apologized to.

To further delight clients after signing on, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Send a gift appropriate for their situation (if parent-to-be getting life insurance, send a gift certificate to baby store; if homeowner send a gift certificate to home store, etc.)
  2. Ask clients periodically to suggest topics for upcoming seminars and thank the client whose topic is chosen with an additional gift.

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