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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

We're here to help people take back their lives, time, energy and homes from the clutter that has been keeping them down. We love what we do, we're good at it, and our customers are happy.

Our marketing plan is designed to take our business to the next level, by getting every single coach involved in generating and converting leads, understanding the numbers behind our success, and implementing a new referral mechanism that will boost our revenue.

1.1 Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Finish my book and get it back to publishers by March
  • Be more efficient: home by 6:15pm for dinner with the kids
  • More facility with social media tools

Business Goals:

  • Increase sales to $3.5 million by year's end
  • Increase repeat customers 30%

Strategic Goals:

  • Establishing a reputation as one of the top ten experts in the industry
  • Eliminating dissatisfaction among customers

Tactical Goals:

  • Promote J. to head of print marketing
  • Devote 1 to 1.5 hours each day for personal interaction with customers
  • Cross-promotions of the book with key expert partners


1.2 Purpose

Ultimately, our business exists to help people get a sense of control over their daily life. In the process of organizing and eliminating clutter, we help them sort out their real priorities and let go of things and feelings which have been holding them back in their lives.

1.3 Picture

When a potential client makes an appointment, she has already heard glowing reviews of our services from friends or colleagues, and is eager to see why they were so positive. At our first meeting in her home, she meets a friendly, sympathetic, and practical de-clutter coach who respects her attachments to her stuff, and guides her through the process of stepping back and seeing it objectively.

Throughout the consulting process, the client can call her coach whenever she gets "stuck," and daily email suggestions keep her moving through the process. As she rids her home of unnecessary items, she starts feeling more free, more relaxed, more self-confident. The final reward for completing her de-cluttering is a catered party at her newly clean and comfortable home for 10-15 friends, where she can enjoy the fruits of her hard work, and introduce her friends to the coaches who helped her get here.

1.4 Gap Dashboard

Weekly measurements of key metrics will be averaged for each month and entered in the Gap Dashboard. The tactical and personal goals are easily measured, but the numbers for our strategic and business goals bear watching. We've linked the revenue goals to our Sales Forecast Plan and Actual tables, where we can track gaps in individual service purchases more closely.

We assume that if key marketing metrics match projections, so will our revenue and larger strategic goals. Monthly review meetings with all marketing and sales personnel will help us figure out which parts of the marketing strategy are working best, and how to correct any hitches in the process.

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