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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

Our free initial consultation gives potential clients an understanding of how a personal coach can help them, over and above the benefits they could get from any other competition (organizational books, free online services, or cleaning services).

The one-month, one-room service is priced as a trial offering, low enough to get them hooked on the process, but still profitable. We are able to price it this low because we have standardized room-type email reminders, and because the issues encountered by clients in the initial month of decluttering follow a standard pattern.

Upgrade offerings for adding a second month/room, per-room fees, and whole-house consulting are priced to reflect the more in-depth personal consulting that comes with embracing the de-clutter philosophy.

Accessory services, such as office/workspace decluttering, are priced to reflect the high-end consulting services of the owner, herself, who personally oversees these options.

Current customers have been happy with the pricing levels offered. Our new pricing structure simply makes the time per room assumptions more clear to both clients and consultants.

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