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Ofeeld Photography has two types of ideal customers:

Pet Photography Customers: The ideal customer for Ofeeld Photography - Pet Photography is 30-60 years old and owns a pet. More specifically, who owns a pet and treats them like family. The pet is an extension to their family and one that they adore. These people want professional photographs of their pets. However, studio portraits for their pets do not allow for a picture that really captures the expressions of their dog, cat, horse or other animal. These people need a local professional photography who can go to a location of their choice and photograph their pet in the setting that best gives the pictures the expressions of the animal.

Photography Session Customers: The ideal customer for Ofeeld Photography - Photo Session is 30-60 years old and needs professional pictures taken. These people want to commemorate an event (new family addition, graduation, etc) or want to commemorate a year. These customers are tired of the "posed" look of previous portraits and want a natural expression and backdrop for their photos.

In the Ohmtown area, there is no person who will go outside of their studio to take professional portraits of pets on location. There are portrait studios who will go outside and take photos of people, however their fees are very high.

2.1 Market Description

Demographics: Age: 30-60+, Income: $50,000+/year, Occupation: Professional

Psychographics: Our ideal customers are split into two psychographics.

  1. A professional who owns a pet. More specifically, one who owns a pet and treats them like family. These people view their pets as an extension of their family and want to capture their personality in pictures which are not done in a studio.
  2. A professional who needs pictures taken of themselves or family members. More specifically, they need pictures to help commemorate an event in their lives. These customers do not want the "posed" look of portrait studios, but rather a natural setting and with casual, natural expressions on their faces.

Behaviors: They are active in their family and personal life, especially outdoors.

Geographics: The ideal client lives in the Ohmtown area. Ofeeld Photography customers could also come from outlying areas and other smaller towns within a 20-30 mile radius.

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