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Word of mouth -

  1. D'Epth's two daughters have two young kids who are both playing sports. Through interaction of their teams and taking pictures of the sports games and practices, D'Epth can showcase his picture taking talents. Handing out business cards and sample photos at these games and letting the parents know that he has taken pictures of their children is one way to get parents to visit his website to see his work and to purchase prints and gift items.
  2. Wearing T-shirts and buttons and other items as a conversation starter to youth games.
  3. Once customers do a photo shoot, they will be pleased with the professional job that was done. With their final product, additional business cards will be given to hand out to their friends.

Online -

  • SEO - Ongoing Search Engine Optimization work on website
  • Adding Ofeeld Photography to aggregate sites for photography
  • Canvassing freelance sites for potential jobs
  • Participating in functions associated with photography
  • PPC advertising - very local, very targeted Pay Per Click ads on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN
  • Email lists
  • Photography blogs

Brick and Mortar stores -

  • Take sample photos to pet stores/vet clinics and ask them to display pictures and business cards. See if they would like photos taken for ads they are placing.

8.1 Referrals

Once we receive a call from a potential client who was referred to us, Ofeeld Photography will send them an email and also send sample photos for review. They will also receive a small discount to try our service.

The person who referred the client will also receive an email and personal thank you note along with a discount for their next photo shoot.

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