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Daily: Monitor site traffic, site sales, site performance

Weekly: Contact and explore new avenues to get our name out

Monthly: Analyze where sales and contacts came from. Contact/Follow up with others

Yearly: Re-evaluate the photography sectors and explore new avenues (wedding, senior pictures, family portraits, car shows, etc).

11.1 Monthly

MonthsMarketing Theme
1Website Work - getting both sites live with content.
2SEO Work / Online Marketing - reviewing SEO attributes of both sites and a focus on online marketing.
3Newspaper/Yellow Pages - research prices, content, sizes, feasibility.
4Portfolio - Big and Small - Create 4 portfolios (2 big and 2 small) for D'Epth and Heff to carry when speaking to potential clients.
5Radio Campaign - Prices, availability.
6Pet Stores/Adoption Centers - Speak to them about putting a one-sheet into their "welcome kits" for new pet owners.
7Schools/Booster Clubs - Speak with department heads about calendars of their teams, special occasions, school functions. Also perhaps a mention of Ofeeld Photography in any newsletters.
8Social Networking/Blogging/PR - Research sites, blogs, interesting articles etc to comment and become involved in.
9Cable TV - Searchlight - Is there a small business section? A services section? Research needed.
10Direct Mail Campaign - Cost? How to get to residents in Ohmtown?
11Sport Organizations - Pop Warner, Kidz Sportz, Lil Kicks Soccer,
12Email Campaigns - create ways of gathering target market email addresses.


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Advertising Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Local PPC Month 3 Ongoing $50 Heff Stoppe Marketing
Welcome Kits for New Pets Month 2 Month 2 $30 Heff Stoppe Marketing
Total Advertising Budget $80
PR Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Create list of free PR sites Month 1 Month 1 $0 Heff Stoppe Marketing
Find Blogs/communities to participate in Month 5 Month 5 $0 D'Epth Ofeeld Social Networking
Total PR Budget $0
Direct Marketing Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Find Calendar Publishing Company Month 6 Month 9 $0 D'Epth Ofeeld Department
Total Direct Marketing Budget $0
Web Development Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Online Portfolio Site Month 1 Month 2 $100 Heff Stoppe Marketing
Total Web Development Budget $100
Other Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Enter Photo contests Month 3 Month 5 $30 D'Epth Ofeeld Personal Goals
City/County/State Fair - find out requirements Month 3 Month 3 $75 D'Epth Ofeeld Personal Goals
Total Other Budget $105
Totals $285

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