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Passion for photography and a love of animals is what D'Epth Ofeeld, Professional Photographer, brings to Ofeeld Photography. Living in the area D'Epth knows of many good locations for the photo sessions of animals and people and what types of pictures he can produce for his clients. D'Epth has many years experience in photographing people and placing them in the right poses and light so they look natural and not "posed". D'Epth is also willing to drive, for a fee, to more distant locations outside of the area.

Ofeeld Photography has a well designed website where a sample of the photos taken will uploaded and from which client's can purchase. This allows clients to order professional prints and also custom gifts, which Ofeeld Photography will outsource to specialty vendors. This also allows for low overhead costs, which enable Ofeeld Photography to charge lower prices.

3.1 Differentiators

D'Epth Ofeeld is the only professional photographer who will go outside a studio to capture photos of people or pets in natural settings. Of the over 130+ photography businesses in the county, Ofeeld Photography is the only business that does not have a studio - which is exactly what we want.

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