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Our primary website will serve as an online portfolio for people to view samples of Ofeeld Photography's work. The site will also have links to Ofeeld's blog and other pertinent information. The website will have D'Epth Ofeeld's biography and an "about us" page that tells customers about the business and how/why it was created. This website will focus on compelling pictures/stories allowing the visitor to relate to the company and the owners. This will help improve the customer's experience when they call for a photo shoot as they will feel more connected to the people and the company. Biography, contact information, privacy policy, and forms will also be included.

Our second website will be a store for selling prints and other novelty items - mainly for the Kidz Sportz pictures and freelance pictures. This site also has biography and contact information, but not as much as the previous website. There will be enough to let the visitor know a little bit about the photographer, and links to click them through to our main site.

See appendix for detailed website checklist.

7.1 Social Media Plan

My colleague, Heff Stoppe, will be starting a blog about Ofeeld Photography which will document the struggles and triumphs of starting our business. It will also highlight business tools and photography tools that are used by both of us.

Once Ofeeld Photography has acquired a few returning customers, we would like to have video testimony to add to the website.

D'Epth will also read and comment on photography forums and blogs, positioning himself as an expert in the field.

7.2 Website Checklist Form

The below checklist is a starting and organizational point for Ofeeld Photography to start thinking about the different aspects of our two websites and how we want to utilize and structure them. The dates and status will be filled out each month as the specific tasks get completed.

DomainDescriptionTarget DateStatus
Domain registration

Another site TBD

Month 1


Web hostingCompany TBDMonth 1Not Started
Blog softwareWordPressMonth 1Not Started
Site edit softwareNotepad ++ - Free DownloadMonth 1Not Started

ContentTarget DateStatus
Home page - Case statementMonth 2Done
Differentiate pageMonth 2In Process
Ideal clientMonth 3Not Started
Services/productsMonth 3Not Started
Process/How we workMonth 3Not Started
ContactMonth 3Not Started
Case studiesMonth 4In Process
TestimonialsMonth 4In Process
Free stuffMonth 4Not Started
ArticlesMonth 4Not Started
BlogMonth 4Not Started
Site map htmlMonth 2Done
Site map xmlMonth 2In Process
ImagesMonth 4In Process

Search/navigationDescriptionTarget DateStatus
KeywordsResearch what users type in - keyword discoveryMonth 1Done
Meta tagsCreate title and description meta tagsMonth 2In Process
LinkingLinking strategy TBDMonth 5Not Started
SEO reviewReview after sites doneMonth 3Not Started

Lead generationDescriptionTarget DateStatus
Email captureCreate a form on site where customers enter email address and they get information that is TBDMonth 6Not Started

Promotion DescriptionTarget DateStatus
StatisticsGoogle Analytics will be set upMonth 1Not Started
Site map submissionSubmit to Google, Yahoo!, and MSNMonth 3In Process
Blog submissionInvestigate photography blogsMonth 4Not Started
PRWeb announceSubmit to online PR sites when both sites are finished.Month 5Not Started
Local submissionOnce marketing material is readyMonth 3In Process
Email signatureCreate an email signature for D'Epth and Heff to use in all emails/sign up for Email Center ProMonth 1Done
Discussion groupsResearch forums, Yahoo! groupsMonth 5Not Started

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