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Kaolin Calefactors (KC) is an Oregon company that designs and manufactures production and custom dishware. The designs can be anything that the customer would like, however, Sue Glazer's genre is modern or popular art. The typical customer is either someone purchasing a handmade gift for a friend/relative, or someone who is interested in owning unusual everyday dishware.

Kaolin Calefactors is a unique business opportunity that will allow Sue Glazer to combine her love for ceramics and parlay this affinity into a money making venture.  Sue will leverage her creative artistic skills to create innovative and attractive designs that will generate a strong demand.  Additionally, by offering low production, as well as custom designs, Kaolin will win over customers because of the great deal of flexibility.  Kaolin will gain a loyal customer base through a customer-centric business model.  This business model makes the customer's satisfaction the highest priority.

Kaolin Calefactors will leverage its competitive advantage of a customer-centric business model to rapidly gain market share in the custom dishware niche. Profitability will be reached by month nine and revenues for year three are projected to reach $78,000.

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