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PRfect Greens is beginning their first year of operation.  A strategic and focused marketing plan is required to bring the business to profitability.  The basic market need is a public relations firm that specializes in environmental PR, specifically crisis management, image creation, and PR event management.  While there are many PR firms in the area, none are able to truly cater to the market-specific needs of a company in an industry that has significant environmental consequences.

Market Summary

PRfect Greens posses good information regarding the Eugene PR market and the various companies that are in need of specialized environmental PR services.  This information will be leveraged to allow PRfect Greens to better understand their customer, their specific needs, and the best methods of communication that PRfect Greens should use.

Market Analysis

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Market Analysis
Potential CustomersGrowth     CAGR
Gas companies8%15161718196.09%
Mining companies9%44485257628.95%
Lumber companies7%38414447507.10%

Market Needs

PRfect Greens is providing its customers with a selection of different environmental-specific PR activities.  While there are many PR firms, none have the experience and concentration that PRfect Greens offers to its clients. PRfect Greens seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to its customers:

  • Selection: A reasonable range of environmental-specific PR services.
  • Professionalism: The firm has two decades of specialized experience.
  • Accessibility: PRfect Greens will serve clients at whatever location is best, this is often the area of conflict.
  • Customer Service: The clients will be impressed with the level of attention that they receive.
  • Competitive Pricing: PRfect Greens' pricing scheme will be created to be competitive within the local PR industry.

The market trend for the PR industry is consolidation and full-service offerings.  The PR industry has not been immune to pressure to consolidate to improve business efficiencies.  This has taken the form of larger, national PR firms buying up local firms and increasing the presence of the larger firms. 

In addition to this trend, firms are also under pressure to offer a wider range of services.  The reasoning behind this trend is that the firms will be able to capture more business if they offer a one-stop-shopping solution of many PR services.  This last trend certainly improves convenience, but it is questionable, possibly doubtful, that service is improved.  Because of these current trends, PRfect Greens has decided to start their own firm that concentrates on their core competencies, addresses market needs, and ignores the trends that some of the industry is following.

Market Growth

In 1999, the national PR market reached $2 billion dollars.  The industry is expected to grow at a reasonable 6% for the next several years.  Some growth will undoubtedly be fueled by the recent Internet burst and more stable company's wishes to appear more desirable in terms of investors.  Additionally, with the recent inauguration of the Republican President, there are many public interest organizations that are increasing their scrutiny over companies that work with the environment.  The reasoning (which seems fair) is that the Republican President is much cozier with big business at the expense of the environment.  This should only help to support PRfect Greens' activities.

SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strength and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing PRfect Greens.


  • An impressive resume of experience.
  • Strong professional and personal relationships within the industry.
  • A solid service offering that is currently unmatched in the area in terms of expertise.
  • The desire to develop a customer-centric business.


  • The lack of brand equity as a result of the newness of the organization.
  • If business really takes off, the possible inability to meet demand due to having only two principals that have the wealth of experience that is in demand.
  • A limited marketing budget in terms of money and time to generate awareness for PRfect Greens.


  • The ability to increase marketing efficiencies over time as the company becomes better known.
  • The ability to build a strong client base due to PRfect Greens' concentration on a market niche.
  • The ability to decrease variable costs as the project base grows.


  • Competition from already established firms.
  • A slump in the economy which might give off the erroneous perception that companies should discontinue their PR efforts to conserve money.
  • A lack of any large environmental disasters at the hands of the target companies.


  • General communications firms. These firms practice a wide range of communication services from press releases, to promotional materials, to corporate imaging. Some of the general communication firms are large and have dedicated departments for different types of communications, others have generalists that do everything.
  • Small, local PR firms. These companies are small, typically one principal, and their clients are from the surrounding area.
  • Large national firms. These firms are quite large and they serve national clients. The clients are usually very large companies and these national firms travel to where ever they need to support the account.

Service Offering

PRfect Greens offers a wide range of environmental PR services. These services will typically be used by gas companies, mining companies, and lumber companies who are looking to improve their environmental image or manage a crisis. Specifically, the main services offered are:

  • Crisis management: This is a reactionary/proactive service that helps the customer manage a crisis or situation that if left unattended could create significant amounts of bad press and tarnish the public image of companies that already have sensitive environmental images by virtue of the fact that they operate in sensitive environmental areas.
  • Image creation: This service designs and implements a certain public image, typically an image that is pro-environment for a company that is in an anti-environment industry.
  • Management of publicity events: These services develop and manage client-sponsored publicity events which are designed to strengthen the clients perceived environmental commitment.

Keys to Success

The keys to success are:

  • Attention to detail.
  • Thinking out of the box.
  • Professionalism.
  • Results.

Critical Issues

PRfect Greens is still in the speculative stages as an environmental PR service provider.   Its critical issues are to continue to take a modest fiscal approach; expand the projects undertaken at a reasonable rate, not for the sole purpose of generating revenues, but because they are able to serve the new projects with as much attention as if they had only one project.

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