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Titicus Realtors seeks to make first-time home buyers comfortable, happy, and worry-free both during the home buying process and even after their closings. By doing this, Titicus hopes to build a reputation as THE real estate agent in southern Connecticut for first-time home buyers, effectively eliminating competition within their market.

This marketing plan details the current and new marketing programs and practices of Titicus Realtors which will lead to establishing and consolidating this reputation.


Titicus Realtors will pursue the following specific goals:

Personal Goals for Earl Estates, owner of Titicus Realtors:

  • Hire an additional agent before workload cuts into time necessary for marketing and company direction
  • 20 invitations to area speaking engagements in 2012

Business Goals:

  • Exceed $1 million in revenue in 2010, $1.3 million in 2011, $1.7 million in 2012
  • Exceed 900 leads in 2012

Strategic Goals

  • Be ranked in the top 5 real estate agencies for first-time home buyers in Fairfield County by Fairfield Homes Magazine
  • Achieve 100% customer satisfaction

Tactical Goals

  • Customer testimonials of at least three sentences written by 75% of successful home buyers
  • Increase number of agents employed by Titicus Realtors to four by the end of 2012


Titicus Realtors seeks to make the process of buying a first home a relief for clients, offering them such great service that all of their fears associated with the process will disappear. Through this, Titicus Realtors hopes to make home ownership, and the financial, emotional, and psychological value that comes with it, happen for as many people as possible. Ideally, the ideas and process of how customers are treated at Titicus will be shared with similarly-minded real estate agents in other towns and states so that the reach of the company's impact goes well beyond its locale.


A couple signing up with Titicus Realtors will find themselves surprised from their first interaction about the level of care and thoroughness. Through simple language and some probing questions, the real estate agent will unearth the couple's desires for their home as well as their fears. The Titicus agent seems to have seen it all before, yet does not come off as cocky or dismissive of these fears - such as the couple's fear of being taken advantage of, of buying more home than they can afford, of learning about issues with the home only after the closing, or of spending more than they should. On the contrary, the Titicus agent will provide information and assistance that shows the couple from the start that there is no need to be exceedingly anxious through this process. That anxiety will slip away as the couple's trust for their agent builds and it will be replaced by a feeling of excitement and adventure as the couple starts to see each home as a possibility.

Gap Dashboard

The Gap Dashboard represents the quantification of the key personal, business, strategic and tactical goals for Titicus Realtors. The results in all of these areas will be tabulated once a month based on the accumulation of the week's key marketing metrics as well as other items which are not tracked by the company's systems (such as the personal goals). Furthermore, rating by Fairfield Homes occurs on an annual basis only and will be entered when the ratings are released. Earl Estates is responsible for accumulating the data to check against the goals each month. He will note gaps and decide whether original goals were too lofty or whether the shortfalls were within the control of Titicus Realtors.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Invitations to speaking engagements 8 14 20
Other 0 0 0
Revenue $1,039,500 $1,307,700 $1,727,820
Leads 692 830 996
% of customer writing testimonials 60% 70% 75%
Number of agents 2 3 4
Rating by Fairfield Homes for first-time home buyers 8 6 4
Customer satisfaction rate 90% 98% 100%

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