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Titicus Realtors acts as an agent between home buyers and sellers as its basic service, but will offer the following services and products geared toward moving individuals up the chain:

Suspects: Titicus will publish a monthly column with advice for first-time home buyers and print this in their monthly listing bulletin. Titicus will also hold an information session once a month which will either be a talk by Earl Estates, a small panel discussion, or a talk by a relevant expert. These events will all be of interest to first-time home buyers or those planning to become a home buyer eventually. They will be held in Ridgefield, CT locations of a suitable size.

Prospects: Those who contact Titicus Realtors by phone, walk-in, or email and those who attend the monthly talks are considered prospects. Titicus will offer to meet with prospects for the purpose of discussing working with them as well as educating them about the Ridgefield, CT home market and first-time home buying in general. These first sessions can last up to three hours in order to make sure the prospect is comfortable.

Clients: Clients are shown homes, as well as given additional time to answer questions and consult on options. When clients wish to make an offer, Titicus takes care of all paperwork and represents the buyer through the negotiation process. When clients close, Titicus sees that their interests are represented and that all paperwork is processed swiftly.

Champions: As Titicus works exclusively with first-time home buyers, they do not seek repeat customers. However, Titicus believes that "champions" are those who refer the five prospects or more to Titicus. Titicus stays in touch with all past clients at least once every six months to see how they are settling in and to offer additional advice (recommendations on vendors and services, schools, etc.) to maintain a relationship. Titicus will refer past clients to another real estate agent when they are interested in buying another home and will earn a small finder's fee from the other agent for these referrals.

Price Rationale

Pricing for real estate commissions is highly standard in the industry although prices become somewhat negotiable in down markets. The standard real estate commission is 6% of the selling price in Ridgefield, CT, with 3% going to the buyer's agent and 3% to the seller's agent. Prices are set by the selling agent for each home and the commission is paid by the seller out of their receipts from the sale.

Other informational services offered by Titicus Realtors are free of charge and offered with the purpose of building a reputation as a Ridgefield real estate and first-time home buying expert.

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