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Titicus Realtors is THE real estate agency for first-time home buyers in Ridgefield, Connecticut. While second home or retirement home buyers may feel they should look elsewhere, first-time home buyers quickly understand that Titicus focuses specifically on their needs and has the experience to make them comfortable with the entire process and even the prospect of moving to a new town.


Titicus Realtors differentiates itself through its focus on the specific market niche: first-time home buyers looking for a suburban Connecticut residence within commuting distance of NYC. Titicus seeks to represent only individuals and couples buying their first home, although others will not be turned away.

To this end, Titicus takes a decidedly "non-slick" approach by holding careful and thoughtful sessions with clients to answer all of their questions, as well as general information sessions and seminars for prospective clients. Titicus publishes a "how to buy your first home" guide on their website with the best information from the web along with their own advice. Titicus seeks to align all of their activities with serving this market niche.

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