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The service experience of Titicus Realtors will be characterized by going above and beyond the level of care and empathy shown by most real estate agents. By doing this, Titicus will show clients that they understand the home buying process from an emotional and psychological perspective as well as from a technical perspective.

Care will be taken during the process to measure and maintain customer satisfaction, and to create WOWs. Loyalty will be built among the company's champions through participation in the monthly information sessions.

Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

Champions (those who have referred at least five others) will be rewarded for referrals with gift certificates, as mentioned. Furthermore, they will periodically be invited to take part in new homeowner panels at the monthly information sessions. This will offer the homeowner a chance to share information they wish they had known about first-time home buying alongside other first-time homeowners (some who were not Titicus clients). Ideally, these panels will further cement the past client's identification with and connection with Titicus Realtors and be a source of some pride, as most public speaking opportunities are. Their contribution to these events will also serve to advertise their satisfaction with the process of working with Titicus Realtors in the past.

As mentioned previously, satisfaction surveys will be given to past clients one month after their closing, to allow for their life to settle down after this busy period and the moving period. These will be hand-delivered by Earl Estates to the past client to further impress upon them the importance of the survey. They will be requested within one week of that delivery. Satisfaction surveys will be entered into a table so that the results can be reviewed quantitatively.

WOW Process

The quality of Titicus Realtors's customer service will be measured and analyzed both while Estates is the only agent and after additional agents are brought on.

This customer service process will be led by a checklist used by the agent to make sure they have discussed key areas of the process, asked the important questions, and allowed ample time for the client to ask questions. This checklist will be reviewed and added to whenever additional items come up which should be included. The checklist will serve to guarantee that key tasks are taken care of for each client so that the agent can think beyond the basics to what else can be done to wow the client.

Customer satisfaction will be measured with the post-closing customer satisfaction survey, mentioned earlier. This survey will rate all areas as "highly unsatisfactory," "unsatisfactory," "satisfactory," "highly satisfactory," and "delightful." Clients will be asked to provide specific written feedback on all areas marked at either extreme. The results will be entered into a database by the office assistant and a monthly report on customer satisfaction generated. Any unsatisfactory remarks will be reported directly to Earl Estates.

During the customer service process, a few tactics will be used to wow clients:

  • Titicus will devote no less than 30 minutes to helping clients prioritize what they are looking for in their home purchase.
  • Clients generally become more and more overwhelmed and discouraged the more houses they have to see. When viewing the fifth house Titicus will give the client a small gift (gourmet cookies, chocolates, etc.). Titicus will repeat this with the tenth house and every five houses after that point.

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