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In our company, we have a pool of resources in our staff to draw from. We plan to use our combined effort to establish a stronger relationship with our local community and regional communities by performing and teaching seminars at the surrounding schools.

Our strategy is based on the concept that:

  1. Awareness precedes ticket sales.
  2. Quality performances generate repeat purchases.


The Players Theatre Company was created to bring a higher level of entertainment to people from all walks of life. We are dedicated to bringing quality education, self-growth, self-confidence and social issues to our public schools by establishing relationships with communities and their educational institutions.

Marketing Objectives

Our objective is to increase our audience by at least 50%, to expand it geographically into other regions of the state, and to gain more recognition among the public school districts and other educational institutions.

  1. Increase general audience by 50% (measured in ticket sales...currently we have the capacity to sell 1,200 tickets per month, but on average we are only selling 80% of that).
  2. Set up a tour that includes at least one school from each district in the state which will start spring term of 2000 with two performances per school.

Financial Objectives

Our financial objectives include the following:

  • Increase funding by 50%.
  • Increase public contribution (both corporate and individual) by 10%.
  • Meet our financial obligations for the fiscal year of 1999.

Target Markets

We are targeting a general audience that consists of adults, children, and the elderly with an interest in entertainment and the arts. We are also targeting parents of children from the ages of 5 to 17 for the theatre seminars we hold at the schools and at the after-school care programs. Another target market for us is educators from all levels of education. We offer a unique and valuable experience for their students and themselves with our performances and seminars.


For educators and parents alike who value education and positive experiences, The Players Theatre Company offers a self-esteem boosting, awareness-strengthening, and educational theatrical experience for the children and the educators involved. Unlike the other companies in town, we focus our energies on education and self-growth for our pupils and audiences with innovative and informative productions and seminars.

Strategy Pyramid


Strengthen our relationship with school districts and other educational institutions that are our major supporters in funding and business.


  • Sample performances to gain notice.
  • Connect with school administration.
  • Contact and communication with audience members.

Programs to implement our tactics:

  • Provide sample performances of popular texts for English and other Literature classes at local high schools during the months of September and October 1999.
  • Free performances at the local folk festival in July 1999.
  • Attend school board meetings for the rest of the school year.
  • Introduce ourselves to the school district administration by performing at the fundraising gala in June.
  • For every Sunday matinee, hold a seminar after the performance for interested audience members, beginning with the start of the next show in June 1999.
  • Monthly mailings of informational brochures to area school districts and districts in other counties as well, starting June 1999.
  • Opening night after-performance parties for cast and audience, inviting reviewers and other special audience members (ie. School representatives).

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