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This sample marketing plan was written by John Jantsch of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

The marketing materials which support our various marketing programs and tactics are presented in the following topics.

6.1 Marketing Kit

Our marketing kit includes:

  • Letter from founder
  • Our essential difference
  • Remodeling process description
  • Job site clean-up checklist
  • Case studies before/after
  • Customer testimonials
  • Award-winning projects
  • Customer list
  • Article reprints
  • The remodeling curve - joy vs. bummer
  • Design and Project staff bios

6.2 Marketing Story

The owner of this business started over 25 years ago and did much of the work on his own. His involvement in the industry and the community and in working with older homes is well established.

Design and business ethics awards help tell the story of longevity, innovation and trust.

6.3 Case Study Plan

Every customer will receive a photo and video shoot of their project before, during and after. We will turn the video into a short testimonial for web and presentation and create a hardbound Blurb book for coffee table display after each project.

6.4 Testimonial Plan

Quotes are gathered as part of the post-production walk-through.

6.5 Multi Media Materials

Our marketing assistant is in charge of video for each project and the design and project consultants collect photos during the project.  We also set-up a cam vision camera so a homeowner can see their project in progress at any time.

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