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This sample marketing plan was written by John Jantsch of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

Part of the marketing VPs charge will be ongoing training of the entire staff, in customer contact, and different techniques to intrigue, entice and satisfy the needs and desires of prospects. We will develop our skills in encouraging people to decide that they really want to be our clients.

Our training continues with our carpenters and workers to ensure that the clients are comfortable during the job, and are delighted with their project's results.

13.1 Marketing Organization

Our marketing organization starts with our VP of marketing. This function is the central hub of all marketing activity and lead funneling. She fields all inquiries and assigns leads to designers.

Designers convert leads and determine the scope of the project with project managers and act as single sales contact throughout the project.

Weekly marketing meetings assess progress on all leads and projects.

Monthly marketing meetings function as training and education on all marketing initiative opportunities.

13.2 Keys to Success Training Plan

We will conduct monthly, all-hands marketing meetings to go over the key numbers and present all marketing activities.

13.3 Numbers Reporting

We will report all key numbers to the entire staff by posting them on a white board in our break room and holding monthly all-staff meetings to report key numbers and teach staff the meaning of all key numbers and reports.

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