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This sample marketing plan was written by John Jantsch of . This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

Our Web presence is a great competitive advantage for us. The images, videos, audios and blogs will help us create the changing content our site needs and assure that we do very well in the search engines locally.

7.1 Website Marketing Strategy

We will use our image-rich site as a place for changing content and to display our process and professional approach as well as tons of useful and changing content.

We will also create an Intranet portal for each customer to view project details and communication.

Web Development Milestones

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Web Development
Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Customer Intranet Portal 5/11/2009 6/10/2009 $0 ABC Department
Establish Blogs 5/11/2009 6/25/2009 $0 ABC Department
Develop Ezine/Newsletter 5/11/2009 8/9/2009 $0 ABC Department
Monthly Podcasts 5/11/2009 6/25/2009 $0 ABC Department
Total Web Development Budget $0

7.2 Content Strategy

We will add the marketing content and additional project portfolios as well as two blogs to keep adding new content. We will also publish articles and archive our monthly newsletters.

7.2.1 Update

Our marketing assistant will update the website and add every project.

Our chief designer will blog weekly and our owner will take questions from readers and blog the answers.

7.3 Search Engine Strategy

Our SEO strategy is primarily a local one - we will optimize our content using the names of local cities, suburbs and even neighborhoods.

We will build pages with specific local content for the homes we have worked in specific target neighborhoods.

Our blogs will be a key part of our search strategy with aggressive linking to industry sites and links from all of our key vendor support companies.

Internal links will be local in nature - "Kansas City Kitchens" for the anchor text, as opposed to simply "Kitchens."

We will build profiles in all local search directories including images of homes.

We will build profiles in the social search sites such as local.com, insiderpages, citysearch and topix and promote positive reviews from testimonial customers.

7.4 Email Marketing Plan

Our site and our direct mail program will promote our "Trends" ezine.

We will send out customer and subscriber monthly ezines.

7.4.1 Lead Capture Strategy

We will feature a "Subscribe" form on all Web pages and build separate landing pages for our direct mail "Trends" newsletters offers.

7.4.2 Ezine and Data Mining

We will add the use of the SwiftPage tool to monitor the responsiveness of our email readers and prepare follow-up based on reader interest.

7.5 Social Media Plan

We will employ several blogs as our primary new media tools. We will also post podcast-style interviews with our best customers on a monthly basis and look to interview design and manufacturing and other home type experts such as entertainment, wine, chef and even audio and technology experts.

7.5.1 RSS

Our sales leads all subscribe to a list of leading industry, design and appliance blogs in an effort to stay on top of trends and announcements from suppliers and experts.

7.5.2 Blog

We have implemented two frequently updated blogs.

Ask a Remodeler - our owner fields and answers questions about remodeling

Design Matters - our designers offer tips on color, design, appliances and entertaining

Both of these blogs will generate significant search traffic.

7.5.3 Podcast

We will create a monthly show that features a message from our owners, interviews with customers and a featured interview with an industry leader to talk about trends that homeowners might find valuable.

7.5.4 Social Networking

We will initiate several helpful community features.

We will host a remodeling forum on our site where readers can come and ask remodeling questions and receive remodeling advice.

We will also create a customer-only section of our website where customer projects will be featured along with the ability to network with other customers and our design and project staff. News and announcements will be added via RSS feeds.

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