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When they are in Whoville visiting their son and his family (wife, eight-year-old daughter, five-year-old son, and 3-year-old son), the Smiths want to treat entire family to dinner at a special restaurant. The Smiths, Betty and John, are a lawyer and a doctor, respectively, and can afford most options, although they don't have a desire to spend a great deal of money just for the sake of spending it. They need an restaurant with a relaxed environment, where their grandchildren will not be a disturbance and, ideally, they'd like entertainment for the children.

They seek what they think of as "comfort food" -- traditional American fare like hamburgers, milkshakes, fries, etc. But they don't want a fast food experience, like at McDonald's or Burger King. The Smiths want to know that there will be a great deal of options for all of the family members, in order to serve their grandson's current pickiness about food, their daughter-in-law's health kick, and their son's allergies. Therefore, they need a restaurant with an extensive menu.

Most importantly, they want the entire experience to be fun and colorful, so that their grandchildren will remember that going out to dinner with their grandparents is a fun time and something to look forward to.

Market Description

Neon Memories Diner seeks to serve customers fitting the following characteristics:

  • 45-70 years old
  • $80,000+ household income
  • Have grown children and, often, grandchildren as well
  • Professional (white collar) occupations
  • Located in and around Whoville
  • Believe that the '50s and '60s represented a simpler, more comfortable time
  • Believe in the importance of the nuclear family and the value of family outings/entertainment
  • Seek traditional American cuisine
  • Are not highly concerned with health or calories at EVERY meal (although may be concerned overall)
  • Hold positions of respect in their communities

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