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Leads will be developed by distributing coupons to targeted groups at events such as WHSF-FM's annual Rockin' Sock Hop at the Whoville Community Center, Parents Day at both Whoville University and Horton College, and local professional organizations meetings and events.

We will have a booth at The Whoville Celebration held in early September. Several employees in full '50s gear will be on hand at all times, attracting Celebration attendees. A small area will be cleared for dancing to '50-era music, and free bumper stickers and pins will be distributed. Anyone providing their name/email address will be entitled to first-timer discount coupons.

We will also hold raffles for free t-shirts throughout the three day event, with entrants only required to provide their names and contact information.

Other leads will be brought in through referals from regular customers, and through interaction with the Neon Memories website.

Prospects, defined by Neon Memories Diner as customers who have received a first-timer discount, will all be treated as potential regular customers.

Prospects who receive discounts via the website will have provided their email address to obtain their first-timer discount code. From that point, they will receive all the mailings the regular and premuim customers receive.

Those who enter the drawing at the Whoville Celebration will also provide their contact details to be added to the mailing and promotion list.

Prospects attempting to use a discount or coupon will be required to provide their information (name, email address, mailing address) in order to move forward. Walk-ins or those who come in without a discount and are trying the restaurant for the first time will be enticed by their servers to join the mailing list for the following reasons:

  • To stay updated about upcoming theme nights
  • To receive coupons that they can pass on to others
  • To join the Neon Points program
  • To be entered into a drawing for a free dinner

The final option may entice those who did not see themselves being regular customers, but are interested in the excitement of a drawing.

The next step of lead conversion is a mail and email campaign which is directed at those who are already registered customers. Quarterly postcards will be sent to the mailing list of registered customers, with information on upcoming theme nights and coupons they can pass on first-timers. Monthly email newsletters will be sent to all registered customers with valid email addresses (all customers who register will be required to provide an email address).

Once prospects are converted to customers, the goal will be to promote them into premium customers who return a number of times a year for meals and theme nights.

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