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This sample marketing plan can be edited directly in Sales and Marketing Pro software.

While a printed marketing kit will not generally be used, it can be prepared based on the same items on the Neon Memories Diner website. The marketing kit will be used as a press kit and when seeking relationships with membership organizations which can provide referrals, although it will not be sent or provided to consumers.

The press/marketing kit will include:

  • Case statement - Covering the nostalgia for the "good times" of the '50s and '60s and the need for a family restaurant spanning generations
  • Difference summary - Describing how the theme plays out in the restaurant
  • Ideal customer description - an actual story of a regular customer who brings his children and grandchildren to Neon Memories Diner
  • Copy of menu and prices
  • Description of previous year's theme nights, with customer testimonials for each
  • List of upcoming theme nights
  • General testimonials
  • FAQs - with information on directions, parking, policies and rules, etc.
  • Selection of press articles

Testimonials will be requested on a card provided with the checks given to each table. They will be sifted through once a week by the manager and the top 10 or so will be set aside for potential inclusion in the marketing kit and website.

The marketing kit will be updated once a quarter. A cover letter will be tailored to individual prospects or press outlets as needed.

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