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Neon Memories Diner attracts prospective customers by offering an exciting and unique dining experience. High quality food, friendly and professional service, and an entertaining, fun-filled environment differentiate Neon Memories from its competitors.

Our market can be divided as:

Prospects: Anyone who has received a first-timer discount coupon or who has otherwise provided their contact information (via raffle, website, or mailing list).

Customers: At least one meal enjoyed at Neon Memories Diner. They've added their name to our mailing list, and anticipate returning to dine with us again.

Premium Customers: They come in several times a year, bring friends and/or extended family, and plan ahead to attend theme nights. They take part in the Neon Points program and refer others.

The products sold by Neon Memories Diner fall into the following categories:

  • Shakes: $6 each
  • Cakes and pies: $6 each
  • Sundaes: $9 each, appropriate for groups as each serves at least two people
  • Sodas and Juices: $2.50 - $3.50
  • Hot drinks: $2.50 - $5
  • Kid's meals: $8
  • Griddle meals (pancakes, waffles, french toast): $10
  • Egg meals (eggs, omelets, scrambles, etc.): $9
  • Quick breakfasts (cereal, granola, fruit salad, muffin, etc.): $3
  • Smoothies: $6
  • Starter soups and salads: $2.50 - $5
  • Other starters: $5 - $9
  • Meal Salads: $13
  • Burgers: $10 - $14
  • Sandwiches: $9 - $12
  • Hot dogs: $8
  • Blue plate specials (meatloaf, chicken pot pie, beef stroganoff, etc): $13 - $17

Items $10 and under are often appropriate for one person trying out the restaurantwith a small meal, breakfast, drink, appetizer, or dessert.

Most customers are expected to purchase starters, meals, drinks, and desserts for each individual in the group. Premium customers will do this frequently.

Price Rationale

The pricing for Neon Memories Diner is intended to set the restaurant well above a fast food establishment ($20 for a meal rather than $5-10). The rationale is that coming to Neon Memories Diner is a special event and customers will feel they can splurge (both calorie-wise and dollar-wise) on starters, drinks, and desserts because a vist to Neon Memories it is not an everyday experience.

The pricing is about 20% higher than traditional diners without any specific theme or unique packaging. As a unique and themed restaurant, this is the premium customers are willing to pay for all of the extra elements (beyond food) included in the Neon Memories Diner exeprience. Neon Memories Diner has found over the past two years that this pricing is acceptable to customers, especially when the target customers are in the older age bracket (generally grandparents and older parents who were alive in the '50s or '60s).

Coupons and first-timer deals will be relatively easy to find on the diner's website and in radio, print, and online ads, as well as local events. A standard first-timer deal will be a free drink or small starter with the purchase of a meal. Generally, these type of deals will only be available to first-timers, and all customers will be tracked by name and address when they take advantage of these deals.

Regular and premium customers will not generally have deals of this kind, but will be rewarded with Neon Memories Points when they register their information. For every $100 they spend at the restaurant, they will receive $10 off their next meal.

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