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Customer loyalty is encouraged and rewarded through both financial means (Neon Points which translate into coupons for $10 off a meal) and qualitative means (ongoing theme nights held approximately every other week, which provide many different experiences for customers). All customers are encouraged to provide feedback at every meal on their survey cards and on the website through comments emailed to the company. All email comments will be answered appropriately with at least a form letter thanking them for their suggestion. The goal of these connections with customers is to make customers feel that the Neon Memories Diner is "their" place.

Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

The Neon Memories Diner theme nights are primarily focused on premuim clients. Each theme night will feature a performance by a live musician, comedian, singer, or impersonator, a restaurant-wide trivia game, or other entertainment. There will be no additional cost to attend a theme night, although reservations will be taken to encourage attendees to plan ahead and invite additional family or friends. Accommodations will be made to seat large groups together at theme nights.

The Neon Points program also directly involves loyal customers in the process of building the customer base by inviting them to refer customers and earn 50 Neon Points for each customer they refer.

WOW Process

Neon Memories Diner's WOW process includes the following elements:

  • Customers will be asked to name and rate their server on the survey card provided to each table. This will not be seen by the server directly. Customers will drop it into a box as they leave. These cards are dated so that the experience can also be tied to that night's kitchen staff.
  • Manager will review the survey cards each night and flag any unsatisfactory remarks for discussion with the server and kitchen staff. They will review how to handle the situation in the future.
  • Three problems with the same server in one month period will call for discussion with the manager and then a period of supervision to determine how to rectify the situation. Servers who don't have their heart in it will generally quit rather than being subject to observation of this type. Servers who are eager to improve will accept feedback, and managers will be able to spot specific areas they can improve from this observation period.
  • Manager personally stops by each table as they are finishing their meals to ask about the food and experience.
  • Written cooking and preparation guidelines for each item on the menu are given to all kitchen staff and posted in the kitchen at the preparation stations.
  • Servers and kitchen staff with consistently excellent results will be rewarded with a monthly bonus, as well as consideration for promotion from within as positions open.

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