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The Neon Memories Diner website will serve the following purposes:

  • Educate prospects with an eye towards encouraging them to try out the restauran
  • Inform customers about the upcoming events, menu, and key information about coming to Neon Memories Diner

Prospects will be encouraged through the fun, colorful, playful atmosphere of the website, which mirrors that of the actual restaurant. A trivia section of the website will include the same questions printed on the diner's napkins, and more. A photo gallery will provide a visual tour of the restaurant to demonstrate its decor and atmosphere as well as actual customers in family groups enjoying the restaurant and its theme nights. Music from the era will play on the website for visitors with sound enabled on their computers.

The first-timer discount coupon and code will be prominently displayed on the website's homepage to encourage prospects to become customers.

Existing customers will be further encouraged to deepen their relationship with Neon Memories Diner through information on the upcoming theme nights, along with the ability to forward that information directly from the website to their friends. Sign-up for the Neon Points and referral programs will be available directly through the website as well.

Social Media Plan

A Neon Memories Diner blog will be shared between the managers and servers at the restaurant. Before and after theme nights, they will write about the events, giving a bit of a review and a taste of what the evening was all about. Blog posts will also pose trivia questions based on the names of the food items, which are all drawn from the '50s and '60s. This will encourage user comments and answers while publicizing the menu of Neon Memories Diner.

Neon Memories Diner will establish a Facebook page with links to the blog and shortened versions of its posts. Customers will be encouraged to become fans of the Facebook page and then to share the page with their friends.

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