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Advanced Linguistic Pontificators (ALP) is a seminar production company that offers seminar and training programs to medium and large size companies. The programs are presented by Daug Matisim, a nationally recognized author. Daug teaches advanced reading and time and stress management. In both topics, Daug is a recognized expert. Daug's expert status will help Advanced Linguistics rapidly gain market share and long-term customers.

The programs will be offered in seminar format (audience as observers) and training program format (audience as participants) around the country. Even in economic downturns, successful companies recognize the value in investing in human capital through training programs/professional development.

The target market includes medium to large companies with 50+ employees, with training needs best served through a qualified, outside training resource.

Advanced Linguistic Pontificators' mission is to provide companies with high quality training seminars. ALP exists to attract and maintain customers. When it adheres to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. ALP's services will exceed the expectations of its customers.

Marketing strategy will include public seminars and the leveraging of ALP's books and printed materials. These activities will create awareness, establish credibility, and secure clients for their initial experience with ALP.

Once the word is out that Daug is on the seminar circuit profitability will be reached by the end of year two.

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