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The customer who will buy our products knows they enjoy playing music. They know they are ready to learn new music, but they don't want to do it all alone and they also don't want to pay a teacher to walk them through it.  They know they have gaps in their repertoire and want help filling those gaps.

Our secondary customer is probably in a much earlier stage of playing than the ideal customer.  They got to our website through a search but we don't know for sure why they are there.  We will try to monetize this traffic by getting them to click banner ads, affiliate links, or text links, but getting them to buy our products is more challenging.

2.1 Market Description

Demographics (individuals):

  • Age: 15-45
  • Income: under $50,000
  • Gender: skew to male
  • Educational level: at least some college, in those over 20 

Demographics (organizations):

  • Industry: religious groups (church choirs, etc)
  • Member count: 5-25
  • Type of organization: Nonprofit org or club
  • Supported by concert fees or affiliated organizations


  • Interested in music
  • Artistic spirit
  • Think they have musical ability, and enjoy playing music


  • English-speaking areas

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