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Internal Lead Generation:

  • Sheet music branding throughout our site, more prominent on higher value and content relevant sections, such as internal SERP results and arrangement articles.
  • Cross-promotion of our content and software products within our own site network

External Lead Generation:

  • Targeted Pay-Per-Click campaigns for high-value keywords and areas of the site where prospects are more likely to be in a 'buy' mode based on their search queries.
  • Partnerships through existing relationships with Amazon, American Chamber Music Players, and American Choral Directors Association, increase brand-name exposure and site traffic. New partnership opportunities will be heavily pursued.
  • Monthly newsletter sent out to opt-in prospects and current clients. These individuals have opted into our mailing list knowing we are industry experts, and this trust makes them more likely to use our services and buy our products.
  • Community outreach through our own blogging efforts and participating in relevant conversations throughout the Web, via forums, blogs, twitter, wikis, etc. These are soft-plugs where our aim is to add value to outside conversation while increasing our own brand recognition and inbound links to our website.
  • Significant Search Engine Optimization campaign with two main goals:
    • focus on improving the rankings of our existing keywords
    • broaden keyword coverage with new unique content
  • Affiliate marketing with offerings of free content and competitive monetary incentive to affiliates to promote our brand and products.

7.1 Advertising

Media Tracking Kits Requested

Advertising MediumContact NameContact #DistributionCost/AdTotal CPM
banner adsFederated Mediaomittedomitted$1,000$25

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