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Our marketing vision is detailed in the following section:

1.1 Goals

  • Increase sheet music sales revenue by 10%
  • Increase membership (sales) for the Music Discount Club 
  • Increase sales of Gift Certificates
  • Provide new revenue streams through partnerships, affiliates, and Adsense
  • Create new site content
  • Broaden and diversify organic search traffic by expanding keyword coverage
  • Increase overall site traffic by 15%

1.2 Purpose

Our website strives to be the market leader in providing sheet music resources to individual musicians and musical organizations alike.

1.3 Picture

An individual visits our website seeking sheet music in a specific genre, arranged for specific instruments. They quickly find the music they are looking for, but are pleasantly surprised to find additional offerings that are appealing to them. Upon the satisfactory investigation of these additional offerings, they may either purchase our own products or visit one of our partners in search of their services, and we monetize either decision the client makes while providing the individual with exactly what they wanted.

1.4 Gap Dashboard

The Gap Dashboard table lists the individual benchmarks we are trying to reach in sales, partnerships, and new content development.

Gap Dashboard

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Gap Dashboard
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Sheet music sales 760,950 837,045 920,750
Partnership Sales 19,024 20,926 23,019
Discount Club 26,824 29,507 32,457
New articles for website 47 100 125
Blog entries 185 200 240
Choral Society Partnerships 12 14 16
Strategic 2 0 0 0

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