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The external marketing message of Jamestown Sports and Fitness is that exercise is more enjoyable and easier to commit to when it is a social activity. The message of "Get in shape together" is drawn out through images and language that furthers this idea. The internal positioning goal for the JSF staff is to see that customers achieve social results as they are pursuing their fitness goals. This also influences staff training.

Measurable results from this strategy are based on referrals brought in, customer loyalty/attrition rate, and the attendance rates of group sports activities.

  • Increase new referred customers per existing customer to one per year on average (some will not make referrals, while others will bring in 3 or 4 new customers)
  • Reduce customer attrition rate to 20% per year (only 1 out of 5 customers who starts a year will have ended membership at year's end)
  • Increase attendance rate of group sports activities to 75% (3 out of 4 customers take part in a group sports activity within a year's time)

Jamestown Sports and Fitness will seek to achieve these results by the end of three years (2013).

4.1 Core Branding Elements

To redirect and refocus the JSF brand around the new concept of "Get in shape together," the business requires work on the following elements:

  • Logo - must be redesigned to incorporate the social aspect clearly
  • Images - must be chosen from current customer images (with customer release to use) showing group activities and socialization while exercising. Where these images do not exist, a photographer will be hired over the course of a week to attend group sports activities and exercise sessions, with customer permission. These images will be incorporated into the website, printed materials, and video ads in Jamestown and within the clubs.
  • Slogan - Will be changed to "Get in shape together" where it appears on materials and website.

Other branding elements, such as the company colors and typeface do not need revision as they will work with the new branding concept and provide a sense of continuity from the previous brand.

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