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The ideal customer for Jamestown Sports and Fitness is a 22 - 40 year old resident of the Jamestown area, living or working within five miles of one of the clubs. These individuals believe in the idea of fitness, but may find it hard to motivate themselves for solitary fitness activities (such as running, biking, or working out alone). To that end, this individual benefits from fitness activities with others or when others are around.

2.1 Market Description

The characteristics of the Jamestown Sports and Fitness target market are:

  • 22-40 years old
  • At least $40,000 per year personal income
  • Professional/white collar occupation
  • Lives or works within 5 miles of a JSF club
  • Finds it difficult to motivate self to exercise alone or simply prefer exercise with others
  • Believes that fitness is important to health
  • Believes that fitness and social sports activities are a good way to spend time with friends
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