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Jamestown Sports and Fitness service offerings include the following:

For Prospects:

  • Free 3-Day Guest Pass for access to any of the club locations
  • Free introductory session with a trainer/staff member who can teach an exercise regimen, give a tour of the club, and explain machines and service

For Clients:

  • Standard membership - Monthly membership of $20 per month for access to one location (registration fee of $40)
  • Premium membership - Monthly membership of $25 per month for access to all three locations (registration fee of $30)
  • Activities including rock climbing, basketball, bowling, flag football, inline hockey, kickball, soccer, softball, volleyball, group fitness classes
  • Nautilus machines, free weights, variety of cardiovascular machines
  • Supervised kid's room for additional fee
  • Personal training with introductory price of $25 per session for the first three session
  • Price goes to $40 per session after that point
  • Blocks of twenty sessions at 20% discount

For Premium Clients (those who have been members for one year and have referred 4 or more new customers):

  • Private group option allowing member to create their own groups/teams of members for certain team sports
  • 20% first year discount to new referred customers

5.1 Price Rationale

The prices for Jamestown Sports and Fitness are set 20-30% higher than independent gyms as the range of activities offered through JSF are much more substantial. The price is in line with full-service fitness club chains in other cities, so individuals moving to Jamestown from elsewhere will not find the prices exorbitant, and will find the prices lower than some cities (New York, Los Angeles). Pricing is set with a monthly membership fee as well as a one-time registration fee. This additional fee gives room for JSF to offer promotions of one month free or a lower registration fee from time to time to encourage new customers or referred customers.

This year, prices will not increase, but they are set to rise 10% every three years or so. Customers in the past have not cited price as a primary reason that they left the business, so JSF feels its prices are reasonable for what it offers and the target market of middle and upper middle class residents.

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