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The Jamestown Sports and Fitness website offers the following pages:

  • Home landing page with Flash introduction
  • Join Now page
  • Free Guest Pass page
  • Refer a Friend page
  • Group fitness schedules
  • Group fitness class descriptions and images
  • Sports group descriptions and images
  • Personal Training page
  • Locations descriptions
  • Kid's room program
  • Contact page
  • Careers page for those interested in employment
  • FAQs page

These pages are easily found through a top navigation bar and sub-menus. In the coming six months, the website will be edited to include the latest offers under the social initiative, images will be updated, and the core message and new tagline will be integrated throughout. A link to the Facebook application will be added so that customers can take advantage of social networking with other customers.

7.1 Social Media Plan

The Jamestown Sports and Fitness Facebook page will ask customers to install the application which facilitates the social initiatives of the business. The application allows:

  • Direct messaging between club members when both agree to it
  • Discussion groups to promote new teams, look for team members, or find partners to attend training, fitness classes, or other activities with
  • Matching service to provide potential matches between those who are looking for workout partners (similar to a dating site's functionality)

The social networking application will be a way for existing customers to interact more deeply with each other and with the brand of Jamestown Sports and Fitness. It will also allow customers to easily share and promote JSF to their Facebook friends by making some activities appear in their News Feeds. This will help customers seek out friends, family, and colleagues as referrals, fulfilling their goal to achieve referral rewards.

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